Today I’m known for being that person who helps business owners embrace technology and overcome their fears about digitising their business.

Like all good stories, mine has been thirty years in the making. Over that time I’ve been involved in some of the largest technological changes society has seen.
For example:

  • I was part of the team that trialled SMS technology in the mid 1990s (side note: SMS was introduced to provide the deaf community with a way to communicate via mobile phones)
  • I was involved with the launch of three mobile phone networks in Australia I was part of the launch team introducing the first iPhone to Australia
  • I wrote the manual to assist a large Australian retailer to train their team members on using technology in the sales process
  • I’m an approved small business advisor with the federal government working with their Australian Small Business Advisory Service program
    I created Australia’s first panel style podcast
  • I created Australia’s first panel style podcast
  • I’m a long time judge for the Australian Podcast Awards
  • I’m a two time judge for the Australian Business Book Awards
  • I’ve been speaking in public since I was 5. My first gig was on stage at the Opera House in Sydney.
  • I was invited to represent the Hereford brand of cattle in Casino’s Beef Week as a teenager… Something about being known as ‘Miss Hereford’ made me decline
  • I grew up behind the counter of a general store, so I’ve been working in customer service since I was 8
  • I had my own radio show for a while in the 90s
  • My hubby and I make a Christmas village every year out of Lego

I’ve been in business for myself for over a decade and have faced my share of challenges. Each time I’ve been knocked down, I’ve got myself back up again, and each time I’ve become a little wiser. It’s the learnings and camaraderie built from being self employed that fuels my ongoing desire to assist as many small business owners as I can.

I hope you feel like you got to know me a little better. If you’d like more information or you want to chat further then drop me a line at: info@thedigitalguide.com.au or scan the QR code below to send an email directly.

Thanks for checking in,


Over the last 10+ years I’ve had the pleasure of working with a wide range of businesses.
Whether I’m creating workshops, webinars and presentations for groups and organisations, or consulting one-on-one with a business owner, I’m looking forward to working with many more people in the years to come.

My over twenty year career in assisting Australian and international businesses to start, innovate, grow and prosper has identified that a key ingredient to small business success and sustainability is ‘confidence’ – especially in our ever-changing digital world of globalisation. Having worked with Tracy in her capacity as an expert digital business adviser and mentor under the Australian Small Business Advisory Services Digital Solutions government program, I have witnessed her passion for – and commitment to – helping regional small businesses embrace digital technologies – working both directly and through stakeholder engagement.

As an experienced / expert workshop creator, presenter and facilitator, Tracy has a rare talent to easily connect with people and deliver content in an easy to understand and practical way. Through both her extensive client work and especially this new book, Tracy engenders businesses with the confidence to ‘go digital’ to more efficiently connect, collaborate, expand their brand to reach new customers, conduct business in broader markets, and get ahead of their competitors. I thoroughly recommend Tracy and “The End of Technophobia – A Practical Guide to Digitising Your Business” as key ingredients in the recipe of small business success.

Rowena Ryan
AusIndustry (Australian Department of Industry,
Science, Energy & Resources)

I have been blessed to work with Tracy over the last three years and have referred many small business people to one of her engaging workshops or advisory sessions. Many technology-challenged regional businesses have found a new love for all things tech thanks to Tracy Sheen.

Tracy, I personally thank you for your commitment to businesses across regional and rural Queensland. Your ability to deliver content in an easily digestible way has resulted in business owners being able to sell their products and engage world-wide and for that Regional Development Australia Darling Downs and South West will be forever grateful.

Trudi Bartlett – Director
Regional Development Australia Darling Downs and South West QLD

Greater Springfield Chamber of Commerce (GSCC) had the privilege of having Tracy sit on our board for a number of years. Tracy came to us at a huge time of change for the Chamber and helped us achieve so many goals. During 2017 Tracy helped us rebrand and provided the content for our new website, which today is still the hub of everything we do.

Her commitment to small business, especially those in more regional and rural areas, is amazing and her desire to see them succeed is shown in the quality of her work and her enthusiasm. Tracy has helped the Chamber provide vital educational training through her role as an ASBAS advisor.
Her programs are easy to understand, practical and most importantly easy to implement. The chamber has often asked Tracy to create and present workshops to our members as we know she provides invaluable advice and real life experience in growing a business.

Tracy helped us to bring one of our much wanted events to reality and our International Women’s Day Luncheon (which Tracy has always MC’d) is now a stand out event of the year for us.

We cannot recommend Tracy’s abilities as a presenter, educator and MC enough and we look forward to our continued relationship with her.

Leila Stewart, Executive Assistant
Greater Springfield Chamber of Commerce QLD

I’ve known Tracy for several years now. Her commitment to helping small businesses not only survive, but thrive, is inspiring. She seems to have an endless amount of knowledge in digital marketing. It’s not surprising that she is an advisor for ASBAS. Tracy has an uncanny ability to explain complex concepts in simple terms.

She has helped me to simplify my business, making it easier for me to communicate what I do to my clients. Tracy has drawn out information about my business (that I didn’t even know I had) and restructured it for powerful communication. I simply would not have been able to connect these dots without her. I’ve always found her presentations engaging and interesting, even the dry topics. She has this ability to introduce new life to old concepts and present them in a fresh light.

I would recommend you read this book and consume any content that Tracy produces and has produced. You’re guaranteed to learn something new.

Steven Jaenke
Digimark Australia

Tracy’s mentorship and coaching helped transform my gin podcast ideas into reality. Her support, guidance and constructive feedback were crucial to making this happen.

To see the outcomes from our hands-on strategy session manifest themselves practically as 3 seasons and 30 episodes in 6 months still staggers me. Tracy’s belief in me and the project were unwavering, culminating in an on-time launch for World Gin Day 2020.

Thanks Tracy, you’ve well and truly earned a Martini or two!

Marcel Thompson
Distiller and author of Still Magic

I have had the pleasure of working with Tracy on a number of digital items.
She has supported us in our business in transitioning to a CRM program, along with providing a getting started training module delivered over zoom. This was very helpful as I found her to be systematic and concise in her approach. It was a great leap to launching a new program into our business.

We have engaged her to help with website reviews, copy reviews and various advice on a number of other digital solutions to support the growth in our business. I have also attended some of her online training and always go back for more. She is very professional in her approach with businesses, her knowledge in the digital space of all things geeky is quite incredible. If I
need advice or would like options to consider to implement in our business, Tracy is my ‘go-to person”. I’ve found her to be honest and direct, which is how I prefer to do business.

Kylie Martin Hollonds
Managing Director, GF Oats Australia

Tracy is a fabulously knowledgeable and helpful business and digital coach.
Our paddock-to-plate business prides itself on having good customer connections and Tracy has helped me to further develop my customer community through social media and online streams in a way that fits with my business ethos. I am excited to read Tracy’s book and see what other tips and technologies I can incorporate into my business and personal life.

Skye Douglass
HighBrit Beef and The Farm Crate