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Tracy Sheen

Legend, just bloody awesome.

A good friend of mine, amazing business coach, and fellow Smallville contributor, Geoff Hetherington asked me a while ago if I was prepared to do whatever it takes to make my business a success. He defines this kind of attitude to business as ‘pragmatic passion’.

In that moment, I thought this was nothing more than a challenging but throw-away comment around my willingness to get uncomfortable as I build my business.

But recently, I faced a hard realisation. To take my business to the next level, I needed to either score some significant contracts very quickly OR I need to call on some old corporate skills and go find some additional income.

Everything that makes me a great self-employed person makes me (in my opinion) a pretty average employee. I don’t like taking direction, I work to my own time, and (as my father says) I don’t suffer fools. Yet here I was, burning with the desire to promote my business but not having the finances to do it properly.

So, after a straight-shooting conversation with Geoff (trust me, there is no other kind) it was reality bomb time. That meant, for the first time in 10 years, I needed to get a part-time job.

Now, the article is not about me job hunting, figuring out what a resume looks like these days, or learning how corporates view someone who’s been self-employed for 10 years (but I have great fodder for a future article).

Instead, this article asks you whether YOU are prepared to do what it takes – whatever that may be – to get your business where you want it to be. 

Let’s face it, the thought that you can’t switch on a revenue stream to avoid difficult choices is uncomfortable. I totally understand that.

But let me ask you….How much do you want your business to succeed?

If you knew that having a regular income for a period of time would make the difference, would you keep spinning your wheels, making excuses for why you’re not where you want to be?

For me, it was a progressive decision. I struggled, threw internal tantrums, felt like a failure, and came up with many reasons why I should NOT be looking for a part-time income. At the end of the day though, I kept coming back to the ‘pragmatic passion’ conversation with Geoff. Was I really prepared to do what was necessary to make my business succeed? My answer?… Yes, yes I was.

And so, here I am sitting in the kitchen at my part-time corporate job, writing this article before I go and do whatever it takes to grow my business.

Am I enjoying it? Hell no, I’m still a shocking employee but, boy, the pain is soothed significantly when I allocate my wage to marketing expenses for my business…And it’s not forever.