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#66 – Screen time

Daily Digital Tip #66 - Screen time Video = 2min 50sec Want to know how much time you're spending looking at your screen? Want to know what apps are holding your attention? Screen time for Mac users is one app I rely on each week. Hope you find it useful. Till...

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#65 – Zoom changing views

Daily Digital Tip #65 - Zoom changing views Video = 2min 12sec Finding yourself in more Zoom calls? I'll show you a way to change the view between speaker and gallery. Doing so will allow you to see all the particiapnts of the call on the screen at the same time. Hope...

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#64 – Create a FB event

Daily Digital Tip #64 - Create a FB event Video = 6min 24sec Whether you're planning a family get together or pulling together a business workshop or webinar. Facebook events can help you manage your invitees and monitor the discussion prior to your event. I walk you...

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#63 – Speed test

Daily Digital Tip #63 - Speed test Video = 2min 56sec Complaining your internet is 'slow'? You need to start by completing a speed test. I'll show you one of my favourites today. Hope you find it useful. Till tomorrow. Tracy

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#62 – Creating labels in Gmail

Daily Digital Tip #62 - Creating labels in Gmail Video = 3min 03sec If you're the type of person who likes to sort their emails into folders you'll be pleased to know Gmail offers you a way to tidy things. Gmail refer to them as 'labels'... I walk you through the...

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#61 – Personalise LinkedIn invites

Daily Digital Tip #61 - Personalise LinkedIn invites Video = 3min 53sec Ok, pet peeve time. I love using LinkedIn but I'm suprised at the number of folks who send connection requests without personalising their request prior to sending. So today I'm going to walk you...

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#60 – Todoist

Daily Digital Tip #60 - Todoist Video = 3min 03sec If you're a fan of to do lists and checklists, Todoist could fill a gap for you. Check it out in today's walk through. All the best for now. Till tomorrow. Tracy

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#59 – Apple news

Daily Digital Tip #59 - Apple news Video = 3min 48sec Looking for a platform that will consolidate all of your favourite news platforms and magazines? You're going to love how Apple News works. Hope you find it useful. Till tomorrow. Tracy

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#58 – Zoom emojis

Daily Digital Tip #58 - Zoom emojis Video = 1 min 22 sec Zoom has introduced emojis for participants to use during meetings. I'll walk you through where to find them and how to use them in today's video. Hope you find it useful. Till tomorrow. Tracy

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#57 – Removing FB apps

Daily Digital Tip #57 - Removing Facebook apps Video = 3min If you've ever played one of those Facebook quizzes (Which Disney princess are you ring any bells?) then you have apps or games connected to your FB account. These apps are prone to security breaches, not...

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#56 Receipt Bank

Daily Digital Tip #56 - Receipt Bank Video = 1min 57sec Are you overwhelmed with bits of paper as receipts at the end of each month? Wish there was a simpler way. Watch on... today I introduce you to Receipt Bank Hope you find it useful. Till tomorrow....

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#55 Gmail Templates

Daily Digital Tip #55 - Creating email templates using GMail Video = 2min 48sec Do you find yourself sending the same email out to various clients over and over? Maybe it's your pricing guide, maybe it's your onboarding procedure... whatever it is, it can be...

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