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Get the most out of your digital tools with 1:1 Digital Coaching.

“I reckon if anyone can help business owners ditch their fear of tech and make digital solutions work for them, it’s Tracy.”

David Koch, Kochie’s Business Builders

Tracy Sheen - The Digital Guide with David Koche

Overwhelmed by tech choices? Unsure where to start?

  • Adding more software and apps, but not seeing the results you wanted?
  • On Zoom calls regularly, but still not using it properly?
  • Wondering what’s actually working in your marketing?
  • Desperate to save time posting to your social accounts?
  • Sick of trying to track where your clients are at?
  • Tired of looking for that email you swear you sent days ago?
  • Putting off starting a podcast because the tech is just too overwhelming?
  • Never able to find that important document on your computer?
  • Paying for software and apps that were supposed to transform your life, but didn’t?
  • Lost in a fog of tech-speak you just don’t understand?

What if you had someone in your corner who could show you what platforms to use, teach you how to use them, and help you wrangle any issues?

Someone who knows and really cares about helping small business owners.

Well, now you can… 

Here’s how the DIGITAL COACHING sessions work

1. We identify the things you need assistance with 

2. We prioritise and plan what to focus on… and when 

3. We put a plan in place (this gives you ‘wiggle room’ for those unexpected priorities)

Each session happens remotely (usually over Zoom) and can be recorded. Build your business learning library for future team members while taking the quickest route to a streamlined, tech-savvy business.

Let me be clear, I don’t do the work for you. I transfer my skills so you can build your digital muscle and lean into the latest tech (and feel confident doing it.)

“If you’re looking for a digital genius who is also a skilled communicator, then I highly recommend Tracy Sheen. She is structured in her approach to project management and totally reliable when it comes to service delivery. Over the course of six weeks, thanks to her guidance, I became a proficient Zoom trainer. My new online 3 session program just scored an average 9.5/10 evaluation from all attendees. I could not have hoped for a better result.”

Fran Connelley, author ‘Workspace Culture & the NDIS’

I’ve been in the small business technology space for over 30 years. During that time I’ve been involved in some pretty cool things:

  • Author 2021 Australian Business Book of the year (and Best Technology Book), “The End of Technophobia: a Practical Guide to Digitising Your Business”
  • Digital Guide to Kochie’s Business Builders
  • One of Australia’s Top 50 Small Business Leaders, Inside Small Business.
  • Approved Federal Government small business advisor
  • Regular industry award judge: Australian Podcasting Awards, Australian Web Awards, Australian Marketing Awards, NSW Tourism Awards.
  • Certified Practicing Marketer, Australian Marketing Institute

“I first met Tracy a number of years ago when she took my team through a digital marketing strategy session. At the time, I was impressed at how quickly she understood how my business operated and was able to see opportunities for improvement of processes throughout the business as a whole (not just in the marketing arena).

Since then, Tracy has become my ‘go-to’ person whenever I need to sanity check an idea. From helping me to understand where a podcast could fit and leverage across the business to providing guidance on different apps or software tools we could implement to increase productivity.

She really is across the entire digital landscape as it relates to small business, and is able to guide and assist in making strategic choices while cutting through the technobabble. If you’re looking for someone who will quickly grasp the complexities of your business, while guiding you through the digital maze, Tracy is your person.”

Carolyn Dean, My Dental Marketing

When you work with me you get:


✅ More time to focus on the stuff you enjoy

✅ Better engagement with your clients

✅ A deeper understanding of what’s working in your business…and what isn’t

✅ Increased productivity

✅ A library of training videos for future use

✅ Confidence in knowing you’re up to date with the latest and most relevant digital solutions

✅ Your very own ‘Digital Guide’ to help you map and maintain the best digital pathways for your business

Why waste hundreds of hours trying to figure it out yourself when you can take the shortcut and work with me

Think about the time and money you will SAVE by streamlining your business through technology and automation

Get rid of the software and apps that don’t work for you

Know how to get the most value from the software and apps that DO work for you

Run the business of your dreams

“Imagine how different your business would be after solving all those niggling, productivity-killing tech issues, just by working with Tracy Sheen. I think this would be transformational for anyone who is frustrated with tech-related issues or anyone who knows this is their business weak link.”

Andrew Griffiths, Entrepreneurial Futurist