Digital Guide’s 2hr Zoom Masterclass $129

How to get the most from Zoom in 2022

We all know how to use the basics of Zoom. We can schedule a meeting, host a meeting, share a screen and possibly even run breakout rooms.

Have you ever really taken a look under the Zoom hood though?

That’s exactly what you’re going to do during this 2hr Masterclass. You can have your own Zoom account open and be making changes to your account on the fly.

During this 2hr masterclass we will be covering topics including:

– Understanding the various account settings, which ones you can gloss over and which ones you really need to pay attention to
– Learn more about polls including how to set up both a basic and advanced polls… and when you would use them during a meeting or webinar
– The various ways you can create breakout rooms and the differences between them
– Using the ‘new’ whiteboard and what features it offers over the ‘classic’ version
– The updates around sharing audio and video into your meetings and breakout rooms
– The power of templates for meetings and webinars
– Webinars vs meetings, when do you use which … and why
– Taking a look at meeting and webinar settings and making sure your set up is ‘right’ for your Zoom usage
–  What reporting you can get through Zoom and how you can access the reports
– Scheduling reminders for webinar participants
– Zoom apps, what are they, where do you find them and which ones are good

We’ll also take a look at the newly released Zoom events and discuss the value in considering virtual conferences to your business offering.

This will be an interactive session. You’ll be able to make live changes to your Zoom account during the session and there’ll be plenty of time for ‘hot seats’ and Q&A.

A recording of the masterclass will be delivered to all participants who register to attend the event.

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