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Tracy Sheen – Expert Small Business Ai and Digital Tools Speaker

Known as “The Digital Guide,” Tracy Sheen is on a mission to bridge the ‘digital divide’ threatening the sustainability of small businesses across Australia.

In a world of ever evolving digitisation, emerging technologies and Ai, staying ahead can feel overwhelming and out of reach. Tracy is dedicated to empowering business owners with the knowledge and understanding of incorporating and leveraging new technologies in future-proofing business.

With up to the minute research, Tracy goes beyond theory and headlines, delivering practical insights that are informative and relevant. Using compelling stories of innovation and resilience, she engages her audience by demonstrating how implementing new technologies can drive growth and streamline operations.

Hailing from and continuing to live in regional Australia, Tracy maintains a profound connection and unwavering commitment to country business. As an advocate and cheerleader, she champions the support and growth of our regional and rural communities. Throughout the first half of 2023 alone, Tracy has travelled over 40,000km, engaging in meaningful conversations with more than 500 business owners. No community is too small, and no business is too remote for Tracy to bring her down to earth presentation style. She embraces every opportunity to share her insights and quirky charm, leaving a lasting impact on audiences, regardless of their location or size.

Tracy Sheen

Authentic, Fun, Practical and Engaging

These are just some of the words audiences use to describe Tracy’s speaking style.

A true country girl at heart, Tracy brings an authentic and no-nonsense approach to her presentations. She is committed to ensuring that every attendee receives exceptional value for their investment. Tracy goes the extra mile, providing insightful answers and illustrating concepts with real-life examples, guaranteeing that her audience understands the subject matter and experiences those exhilarating “Aha!” moments.

Mediocrity is not in Tracy’s vocabulary. Her mission is to revolutionise digital literacy for every business in every town she visits. The true reward for her lies in creating lasting economic and community impact, leaving a trail of conversations about that unforgettable “quirky redhead” long after she has departed.

Tracy’s commitment goes beyond a single visit. It’s rare for her not to return to a community multiple times, engaging with previous participants and new devotees. She is renowned for fostering ongoing conversations with business owners online and going above and beyond to support and encourage their continued learning.

Tracy’s dedication, passion, and genuine care for small business shines through every interaction, ensuring her impact extends far beyond the stage.









Dear Tracy, Thank You!

Thank you for your energy, for your openness, for sharing of knowledge but mostly Thank You for being so genuine in your desire for us to all learn
and grow!! Looking forward to keeping in touch. So much to learn about but so far ahead after your sessions!

Tracy has already delivered 65 (and counting) presentations for 30+ esteemed organizations, spanning an astonishing 40,000+ KM in 2023 alone… and she shows no signs of slowing down!

Here are just some of Tracy’s speaking topics for 2023. Her material is consistently updated, contemporary, and aligned to the needs of your audience. Bespoke presentations are also available on request.

Ai (Artificial Intelligence) and Emerging Technologies

In today’s rapidly changing digital landscape, it’s crucial to remain curious. Being aware of emerging technologies will provide your business community with the knowledge needed to gain an informed advantage and navigate the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.

Digital Marketing and Social Media

Embark on an engaging journey that will revolutionise how your business community approaches social media and digital marketing. All presentations are designed to empower attendees to seize opportunities and build on solid foundations.

Cybersecurity and Digitisation

In today’s ever-evolving online business environment, the resilience and future-proofing of our small business communities hinge upon their ability in navigating inherent risks. With innovation opportunities and risks seemingly everywhere, it has become crucial, now more than ever, for businesses to possess a means of analysing threats and opportunities. What they require are actionable, easily implemented strategies, that foster continued evolution and growth.

Best social media workshops ever!

Tracy’s delivery across 12 sessions was spot on, despite each session’s different demographic and tone. She could fluidly adapt her material to suit the group’s requirements and involve the audience regardless of their skill level, which is no small task. We received fantastic feedback from attendees, many stating it was ‘the best social media workshop ‘they had ever attended.

– Paulene Rorich, Business Navigators Western Downs

Our most popular presenter – hands down!

What a great turnout!

Definitely the most popular session of all of our Small Business Month Workshops.

Thanks again Tracy embarassed

– Ray Roumanus, Economic Development, Scenic Rim Regional Council

Upbeat and fun-loving presenter

We had Tracy come to the Whitsundays and deliver two workshops for us. One was on ChatGPT, the Al program, and the second was on how to get the maximum benefit from social media platforms. She is a very experienced presenter with broad knowledge of her subject. If you want training in Ai or social media, I strongly recommend Tracy. She’s an upbeat and fun-loving presenter.

– Gary Warrener, Economic Development, Whitsundays Regional Council


Small Business Workshop




More about Tracy

Tracy’s journey began behind the counter of a quintessential Australian general store in Casino, Northern NSW. Growing up in a small family business, Tracy has always cherished her country roots and has an unmatched passion for fostering the growth and sustainability of regional Australia.

From her first job beyond her family business, selling mobile phones, Tracy became captivated by emerging technologies. Since then, she has continuously stayed at the forefront of business marketing and technology. Throughout her career, Tracy has actively participated in some of the most significant transformations in the business landscape. From pioneering SMS technology to assisting with the launch of the iPhone, she has collaborated with industry giants to empower and expand the small business market.

Recognised by the Australian Marketing Institute as a ‘Certified Practicing Marketer,’ Tracy possesses profound knowledge and expertise in business marketing. She volunteers as a mentor for the institute and serves as a judge for the esteemed Australian Marketing Awards, where she assesses the best and brightest talents in the field.

Tracy’s invaluable insights and accomplishments have also given her a prominent role as a judge for the Australian Podcast Awards, Australian Web Awards, Australian Business Book Awards, and NSW Tourism Awards. Furthermore, government departments regularly seek her opinion on the future of Australian small businesses, highlighting her expertise and influence.

As a seasoned media commentator, Tracy hosts a regular “Tech Tips” segment on Kochie’s Business Builders. Her extensive experience in front of the camera and diverse audiences is exemplified by her ability to connect with groups of all sizes effortlessly, and her self-deprecating wit and countless anecdotes never fail to put attendees at ease, leaving them inspired, entertained and ready to take action.





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How to book Tracy for your next event

Tracy understands the effort required to pull together a successful event and takes her role as a speaker and presenter very seriously. She will work with you at every step to ensure your event runs smoothly and your attendees leave as raving fans.

There is no community too remote and no audience too large (or small). 

To confirm Tracy’s speakers’ fees and make your booking contact you can contact her directly through the button below.

Tracy in the media

As a regular media commentator, Tracy has been interviewed for newspapers, radio, television, podcasts and various online platforms.



View and download Tracy’s Speakers Kit here ->

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