Does the thought of technology leave you …


    • Paralysed by all the options?

    • Uncertian which way to go?

    • Worried you’ll make the wrong decision?

    • Feeling like it’s all just too much hassle?

    • Concerned you’re going to be left behind?


    70%* of Australian business owners admitted they lack confidence in getting the support they need for new tech from business leaders. 


    It’s costing your business every single day.

    Money…Lots of money

    – You’re choosing suppliers who promise the earth but the results are disappointing.
    – You’re paying for systems without knowing how they really work.


    – You’re spending way too much time researching and trying solutions that are never going to work and getting frustrated when they don’t.
    – You’re working on a mish mash of old systems cobbled together because ‘that’s the way it’s always been done’.


    – You’re losing customers because you don’t offer easy ways to work with your business.


    – You’re missing opportunities because you can’t see them or don’t have the time to capitalise on them.

    There’s a simple solution to all this pain; Introducing

    The Small Business Tech Club

    A community of like minded business owners who learn together, implement together and grow together.

    Become a member of the Small Business Tech Club and you will:

    • Learn our formula for cutting through the noise
    • Use our simple matrix to easily compare products and make educated decisions
    • Choose digital tools based on your unique requirements
    • Save hundreds of hours researching
    • Be streets ahead of your competition

    Here is what you get inside the Tech Club


    Our biggest strength is our community making learning and implementing together so much more enjoyable.

    We catch up virtually 3 times per month.

     Masterclass and follow up Q&A session

    Our hands on learning session for the month with a guest expert. Topics are structured to make sure you get something practical out of every session.

    Our expert returns with your opportunity to checkin around implementation for your business.

    Ask Anything’ digital session

    Got a tech problem that’s doing your head in? Looking for a new platform to solve a problem? Bring your questions along and we’ll chat them through.


    Our Tech Club portal keeps everything under one roof

    Recordings of all sessions.

    A news feed keeping you up to date with the tech world and how it relates to your business.

    A resource section with templates and checklists (guaranteed to save you hundreds of hours).

     A weekly podcast keeping you up to date with the tech world.

     A membership dashboard where you can update your profile, access invoices and update payment info.

    • An  event schedule so you’ll always know what’s happening around the club.

    A Facebook community… in case you’re looking for a little additional community connection.



    Join Australia’s leading small business experts as you up skill to achieve your digital goals.

    Each month one of our experts visits the group to host a masterclass and a follow up Q&A session. 

    The Small Business Tech Club has experts on topics such as:

    Facebook Instagram LinkedIn Google Facebook Ads Google Business SEO Digital Productivity  eCommerce Partnerships • Web design • Building digital communities  Customer experience  Branding Video Photography Analytics… and the list is growing all the time.

    There’s a lot more you’ll find waiting inside the club

    Choose your membership…

    The Small Business Tech Club has been designed to meet you where you are.

    Month to month: Take a look around and try it out before you commit. If you’re not happy, no problem, you can cancel with it 7 days notice.

    The quarter pack: 3 months inside the club to see how things work, meet a few of the experts and gain some real value for your business.

    The annual pass: For those who are ready to lean in and see some significant changes for your business.

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    It can feel like a big step when you’re conquering fears. Let’s have a chat, you can ask me whatever you like.