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Top 10 Digital Tips for Feb 2021

by | Mar 8, 2021 | Blog Post | 0 comments

Part of my role as the digital guide is to research. I spend a lot of time reading, watching and playing with the latest apps and software platforms looking for things that will assist small business owners to increase productivity, improve efficiencies or generally make their lives easier.

Each month I host a free webinar walking you through my top 10 tips for the month. If you’d like to register to attend these webinars you can register here. As well as the webinars each month I’ll do a wrap up of my favourite things as a blog so you can check out the things that interest you… and leave the ones that don’t.

To kick off 2021, here’s 10 of my favourite things to know about.

Social Media


Without a doubt this has to be my favourite social media platform to hit the market in a VERY long time. It’s audio focus suits my personality, and let’s face it… who doesn’t love the thought of being able to chat to people without having to worry about hair, make up and being dressed to impressed!.

Clubhouse may be the latest kid on the block, but it packs a punch. An audio only platform still in BETA mode (only available to iPhone users right now) which is kind of like a cross between podcasting and talk back radio. Users create ‘rooms’ and listeners from around the world can pop by and join in the conversation. I love the immediacy and collaboration of the platform. It’s creating genuine conversations and loads of opportunities for small business owners.

I recently hosted a webinar on the topic of Clubhouse so if you want to know more you can watch the replay in full.

Want to access Clubhouse? Download the app from the Apple App Store, set up your username and wait for a friend to share an invitation with you via text message.

NB: Invitations are sent to user sporadically, so expect to wait before you can access the platform.

Instagram Guides

A shout out to Christina Mathewson for sharing this fabulous tip.

Instagram users generate a lot of content. The transient nature of Instagram means that the content is quickly pushed down the feed and lost to time very quickly.

Instagram Guides allows you to resurrect your best content and curate it as a ‘guide’.

You have 3 options when it comes to creating guides ‘places’, ‘products’, and ‘posts’ they are super easy to create and give life to your otherwise dead content

Crystal Knows

This one is an absolute cracker if you’re looking for an edge when connecting and contacting potential clients.

Crystal Knows sits across your Google Chrome browser (or you can use on the website or mobile app directly) and provides you with specific information around your connection.

From personality types to the ideal way to reach out and engage the client, Cyrstal Knows just seems to … well, ‘know’ the best way to approach your client

Want to know more, check out Crystal Knows here



Ok, so this one could fit inside the social media tips, but I’ve put it under productivity because it’ll save you a bunch of time once you get into the swing of it.

Publer is, at heart, a social media scheduling tool. We all know the benefits of batching our time (setting aside a period of time to just do one types of task, like answer emails… or schedule your social media content). It works really well and allows your brain to really focus in on the task at hand. Publer is one of those tools which will allow you to batch your time.

You can schedule all the big players. Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google My Business… and I love that you can even schedule a comment to go with your post (really handy if you’re scheduling a third party link to go live with your LinkedIn post as an example).

Quick to set up and super easy to use, Publer is a great tool for those looking to level up their social media posting frequency.

Daily Bot

Big thanks to James Tuckerman for sharing this one.

Daily Bot automates conversations inside your Slack channel. Ok, not just Slack, you can use it in Microsoft Teams and Google Chat, but I see the biggest benefit being Slack.

If you’re sick of losing time to checking in with how the team is tracking, what their struggling with or what they’re working on that day then check out Daily Bot.

There are plenty of integrations available through Zapier or you can connect it directly to Trello.

Other Stuff Worth Knowing

Block no caller ID

Shout out to Wendy Pavey for sharing this one.

I know I cringe when I see a ‘no caller ID’ message show on my phone, but did you know you can block them from even showing?

For those with an iPhone all you need to do is:

  • Go to your settings
  • Then go to phone
  • Then ‘Silence no caller ID’

You’re welcome 

Hi Hello

I tend not to carry business cards anymore. We’ve all gone through great stacks of business cards collected only to toss them in the bin. Typically if we want the information we’ll store the contacts details in our phones (or CRM), rarely though do we keep the cards.

That’s where Hi Hello comes in. 

Hi Hello is a digital business card. You can create a QR code to share with clients which will then provide all of your contact information. You can even create an email signature that will link back to your digital business card.

One well worth checking out.

Last Pass

A one stop location to house all of your online passwords. From personal information like banking or Netflix through to all of your business requirements such as social media, accounting platforms and CRMs.

Essentially Last Pass means you’ll only need to remember one overarching password. It also provides the ability to share access to different applications with family or staff. The true value of this means you’re not sharing your passwords directly with anyone, simply giving them access via Last Pass.

You can also create temporary access which can be really handy if you have a contractor working on a very specific project.


This is a cracking application which provides you with a visual representation of how your website visitors are accessing and navigating your site.

The beauty of this is in the data. Knowing how your visitors are interacting with your site means you can make actionable changes based on heatmaps and recordings.

Bonus Tip

Every know and then you’ll find a great image but that background just doesn’t work. That’s where comes in. You simply drag and drop your image into the website and will ‘deep etch’ (or remove) the background.

This site works great if your image has distinct edges, not so great if you’re trying to cut a person from a crowd.

Worth having it up your sleeve though.

Hope you’ve found this months round up useful. If you have a tech tip, a trick or a hack you’d like to share you can email me directly here

If you’re on Clubhouse you can join me every Tuesday morning as we talk about the latest hacks, tips and tricks. To know when the tech room goes live go here