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What makes a good review?

by | May 17, 2020 | Blog Post | 0 comments

Social media has made it significantly easier for businesses to receive reviews from clients.


With so many reviews being written though, how can we help our clients write ‘great’ reviews.. One’s that will stand out and help you get noticed?

How to Write a Great Review.

Talk about a range of things


While it’s important your review gives an overview of your overall experience a great review will touch on a range of things. Why not consider talking about:

  • Customer service experience

  • Delivery

  • The product/service

  • Post sale experience

  • Admin/operations or finance experiences


Be specific


A review is not an opportunity to practice your storytelling abilities. Instead share the review from your perspective. What was the reason you first engaged with the company? What was your specific problem or concern? How did working with the company resolve your issue?


Reviews that are too short or have no detail don’t add a lot of value to the business or to other clients who might be reading them.


Don’t include your links, but do include your name


Mostly the idea of a review is to put the focus on the good work done by the company you engaged. it’s not the time or place for you to be sneaking in links to your website or trying to get people to do business with you.


It is however good practice to sign off your review with your first name… it just adds that little personal touch which will set your review apart.


Update your review as needed


If you continue to work with a business it’s good practice to update your review every now and then. Not something to sweat, but if you happen across it 12 months down the track, give it a read and make sure it’s still relevant and reflects how you’re feeling.


Give it a proofread before hitting OK


Remember, this could be read (hopefully) by thousands of people. I find it good practice to write my reviews in Word, check the spelling and then copy across to the platform once complete.